So Grant has been on an eternal search for vegan hot dogs that taste like the one he gets at the cart downtown on Orange ave. And I found them. Loma Linda vegan links. Now I’m a hot dog purist and I can honestly say I usually rather throw a vegan dog at a moving car than ever eat one. But because I haven’t had dairy in a few weeks, have been limiting my meat intake, and all together am eating much healthy foods my tastes for things have sort of changed. When you can’t eat cake and cheeseburgers RAISINS TASTE LIKE CANDY! SO i decided to give this vegan dog thing a shot. But I also decided the best thing I could do is dress it up with some other pretty strong flavors so I wouldn’t get a “this isn’t a hot dog” freak out. Now this recipe isn’t 100 percent vegan because I used a jiffy corn muffin mix and it has lard in it. But you can substitute soy milk for the regular milk and it tasted awesome. Sorry : ( But it is completely dairy free. I don’t think a recipe is necessary for chilli dogs so I’m just posting ingredients and a picture. Enjoy!

1 can vegan Loma Linda links (cooked on the george forman)

1 can texas pete hot dog chilli (it’s actually vegan! and I added some hot sauce and brown sugar and garlic to kick the flavor up)

1 package hot dog buns

vegan cheddar cheese (heated and in a squeeze bottle)

pickled jalapanos

jiffy corn muffin mix (made with soy milk and I used earth balance vegan butter to top them)

Ok so this stuff was amazing. And Grant ate one and said it tasted exactly like the downtown vegan dog. So it’s picky eater approved. Success! Don’t worry though. I still love real hot dogs.